George Martin's Last Production A Giggle

December 1 [15:00 EDT] -- Producer George Martin is retiring, and it seems he's going out with a giggle.

The "L.A. Times" reports that the Beatles' studio guru is looking for American distribution for his latest -- and last -- album project. The record includes Jim Carrey performing a rousing rendition of "I Am the Walrus," Goldie Hawn with "A Hard Day's Night" done Peggy Lee style, Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin on a duet of "Come Together," and Sean Connery's spoken word version of the title track, "In My Life." Other more traditional performers include Phil Collins, Celine Dion and Jeff Beck.

Martin is releasing the compilation on Echo Records in England in March and hopes to have a simultaneous release in the States. So far, the music industry hasn't been too sure how to take the project, but with the much-revered Martin behind it, they're taking it seriously.

The album may be a good giggle, but it's not designed for the belly laughs solicited by Rhino

Records' "Golden Throats" compilation, a record that deliberately featured bad Beatles recordings by artists such as William Shatner and Mae West.

The "Times" reports that the 70 year old Martin has said it will be his last production before his retirement.