"Kurt and Courtney," Other Rock Films Due

December 9 [7:55 EDT] -- A British documentary on Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain will be making its American film debut at the prestigious 1998 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in mid-January, but don't expect filmmaker Nick Broomfield to deliver a glowing portrait.

Broomfield is known for dark documentaries on Margaret Thatcher, Heidi Fleiss and serial killer Aileen Wuornos and such flicks as "Dark Obsession" and his most recent piece, "Fetishes." Broomfield's previous works have been described by USA Today as 'superior ambush journalism." Others reviewers have used words like "biting," "grotesque," and "kinky."

We should note that Broomfield has had a very public beef with Love. The rock-star-turned-film-and-fashion-diva reportedly wanted no part of the filmmaker or his cameras after she viewed his past work, and began thwarting his efforts to film her. Broomfield's response was to disrupt a ACLU awards dinner and publicly accuse Love, the guest presenter, of

manipulating and strong-arming the press.

"Kurt and Courtney" is making its world debut on television through the BBC in Britain later this month.

The Sundance list also includes a feature flick called "Lou Reed: Rock And Roll Heart" directed by fashion and rock photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. The film is competing in the independent feature documentary category. Yet another Sundance movie is "Conceiving Ada" by Lynne Hershman Leeson which prominently features music by the Residents.

Elsewhere on the rock movie scene, the Ain't It Cool News ezine reports director Paul Thomas Anderson ("Boogie Nights," "Hard Eight") is in talks to direct Sony/Tristar/Columbia's biopic on John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Previous reports had the producers talking to Ewan McGregor ("Trainspotting") about playing Lennon.

And Phish's Mike Gordon is dabbling in movies, although don't expect to see him on the big screen. The bassist tells the Detroit Free Press that he's writing

and directing a movie about a guitar student who ends up taking lessons from the eccentric Col. Bruce Hampton (last seen on the H.O.R.D.E. tour). It'll be out in another year, says Gordon.