"White Album" Special Edition Reissue To Mark Album's 30th Anniversary

Capitol Records is promising to recreate the original artwork of the Beatles' "White Album" for a reissue set to mark the 30th anniversary of the landmark album.

When the album was first released in 1968, the double album's cover was entirely white carrying no markings save for the words "The Beatles" and the album's serial number embossed on the cover. The original packaging also carried a poster and lyrics to all 30 songs on the collection.

Capitol Records has announced that it will recreate that original packaging, scaled down for CD size form, to mark the 30 years that have followed since the album's initial release. The special edition reissues arrive on November 24, but fans may have to look long and hard to find them; the reissue is limited to a run of a half-million copies which will be distributed at random to outlets across the globe.