Beatles Rep Drops Hint About "New" Track

More intriguing details are beginning to emerge about that "new" Beatles track that's been discovered amongst the tapes for the 1968 soundtrack to "Yellow Submarine."

Beatles spokesman Geoff Baker has told the MTV Radio Network that while the track is a new recording, the song is one that true Beatles fans may have heard before. However, Baker claims no one will be familiar with the tune in its forthcoming form.

Baker said that when the three surviving Beatles were working on the music for a new version of "Yellow Submarine," they "came across this little gem -- probably a single." He refused to divulge the name of the Beatles song, and only gave the hint: "Nothing is real."

According to Baker, the film's revamp will be "more psychedelic and more up-to-date," with footage never seen in the U.S., and that the soundtrack will be the "trippiest Beatles album yet."

Both the "Yellow Submarine" album and movie are due to be released this September, and Baker also alluded to

another big Beatles announcement to be made next week.

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