Beastie Boys To Chat It Up

November 3 [10:00 EDT] -- If you've been wondering what the Beastie Boys have been up to lately, besides fighting for the freedom of the Tibetan people, you can ask them yourself when the group visits MTV Online Tuesday night.

Adam Yauch and Mike D will swing by the MTV Arena on America Online (keyword: mtvarena) Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time to discuss their next album, their past work, the recent U.S. visit of Chinese leader Jiang Zemin or whatever else you want to grill them about.

The visit coincides with the release of a three-CD set culled from the two Tibetan Freedom Concerts staged by Yauch. The release will feature performances by U2, Porno for Pyros, Beck, and the Beasties themselves among others.

The chat also comes just days after Yauch headed to Washington, D.C. to protest the arrival of Chinese President Jiang Zemin, whose government stands accused of decades of human rights violations.

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