Beastie Boys On Hand For Tibet Movie Premiere

In movie news, last year's Tibetan Freedom Concerts in San Francisco are chronicled in a new film that debuted in New York City on Thursday night, called "Free Tibet." The movie is more than just a concert documentary, though: it's also a wrenching education in what the Tibetan people have endured under Chinese occupation for the past half-century. Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, the man behind the Tibetan Freedom shows, joined his bandmates and a host of friends and well-wishers at a premiere party in Manhattan, and we worked the room.

VIVIAN TRIMBLE, Luscious Jackson: The movie combines footage from the San Francisco show with footage of monks being tortured -- a lot of very painful footage to watch.

MICHAEL STIPE, R.E.M: There were three times in the film when I was moved to tears. It is a very emotional film.

MIKE D, Beastie Boys: Right now, it seems a lot of things and a lot of focus that is causing change and getting change flowing in both the political situation

and people talking about Tibet.

SEAN LENNON: The Tibet concert made me a lot more familiar with issues, and seeing the movie, in fact, was the first time I saw a lot of that.

DJ SPOOKY: We are a culture that doesn't speak many other languages. But visuality is more universal than any spoken word, and music is another code.

DADON, Tibetan Singer: I think that it is really powerful that all the musicians and singers here try to use this freedom to sing a Tibetan people who are still in Tibet.

Q-TIP, A Tribe Called Quest ["Tibetan Freedom" concert performance, 660k QuickTime]: When all of us can get together from different musics and different arenas to give back, it is special.

JOHN POPPER, Blues Traveler: Especially with Jiang coming over to talk to Clinton, I think that there is going to be an opening of China, and I think that it is inevitable and I think the important thing for us to

do is to keep the pressure on about human rights.

ERIN POTTS, Milrapa Fund: We just have to keep reinforcing what Tibet is and what it means, the path to nonviolence, and we can do something to save this culture and save these people.

The "Free Tibet" movie doesn't have big-time distribution, yet. It'll be screened in 13 cities around the country on Tuesday -- check local listings -- and on November 18th at more than two dozen colleges. [For "Free Tibet" movie release dates, see "Beasties, John Popper, Stipe Turn Out For "Free Tibet" Try to see this movie. Also just out: the Tibetan Freedom Concert album, a 3-disc document of this year's show with some bonus tracks from last year's too.