Beastie Boys Get Charitable With Tour

The Beastie Boys are donating one dollar from every ticket sold on their current U.S. tour to the Milarepa Foundation, but this time the money isn't going towards Tibetan freedom.

Instead, the Beasties decided they wanted to give something back to each community that they're playing in.

"Actually it's going through the Milarepa Foundation out to other charities in each city where people at Milarepa are researching different local charities and then we're making donations to them," [900k QuickTime] Beastie Boy Adam Yauch told MTV News' Kurt Loder this week.

So far, that research has turned up a number of different organizations that are benefiting from the tour.

"It's actually a variety like there are some that are like adolescent shelters or things dealing with homelessness or dealing with the environment or some Native American groups," Beastie Mike D added. "It's sort of a variety. The criteria is finding

places that don't have a terrible amount of funding and have pretty lean and low overheads, and hopefully things that are going to effect kids and effect things locally. We just kind of figure we're doing stuff in these places we're going, so it's really cool to kind of put money back in turn into these same communities that we're doing shows in."

But the Boys have not turned away from their support of Tibet. The documentary "Free Tibet," which captures the June 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert in Golden Gate Park, will be following the tour route and opening in various cities along the way.

"We're just closing the deal with Shooting Gallery, and so the film's going to be showing in the different towns," Yauch told MTV News. "It's probably going to kind of follow the tour and go back into the cities we were just in."

If you'd like to take in a screening of "Free Tibet," here's where to go (all screenings begin at 7:30 p.m.):

  • 8/19 - Detroit, MI @ Main

    Art Theatre

  • 8/24 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Ritz Five Theatre
  • 8/26 - Boston, MA @ Harvard Square Theatre
  • 9/3 - Atlanta, GA @ Lefont Plaza Theatre
  • 9/8 - Dallas, TX @ Lakewood Theatre
  • 9/14 - Minneapolis, MN @ Uptown Theatre & San Francisco, CA @ The Bridge Theatre
  • 9/16 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Oriental Theatre & Portland, OR @ Hollywood Theatre
  • 9/17 - Chicago, IL @ Brew and View Theatre
  • 9/20 - St. Louis, MO @ Tivoli Theatre
  • 9/22 - Cleveland, OH @ The Cedar-Lee Theatre & Denver, CO @ The Esquire Theatre
  • 9/24 - Phoenix, AZ @ Arizona Center 24 Theatres @ Washington, DC @ Avalon Theatre
  • 9/28 - Miami, FL @ TBD @ Seattle, WA @ TBD
  • 9/30 - San Diego, CA @ UCSD Price Center & Austin, TX @ Dobie Theatre