Chuck D Talks Getting Improvisational For Beastie Boys' Video Vanguard Speech

For Public Enemy strongman Chuck D, this week's MTV Video Music Awards offered the rapper not only the chance to honor the Beastie Boys, but also to erase one of his memories of his VMA past.

The PE leader was on hand Thursday night to present the Beastie Boys with the Video Vanguard award, and wrote his own speech for the occasion, which allowed him to redeem himself for flubbing one at the VMAs a few years ago.

"I was given the speech yesterday,"Chuck D told the MTV Radio Network,"but I was like 'uhhh' ... It just didn't nail things. The worst thing someone can do is write for me. So, I wrote some pretty good copy, tied some things together, said it strong, and nailed it." [28.8 RealVideo]

Chuck is currently writing a new book titled, "Anatomy of a Rap Circus Within"

which will hit book

stores in early 1999.