Beastie And Rage Tickets Available... Really

Online ticket pre-sale for the Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine "Rhyme & Reason 2000" tour hit a snag today as servers sagged under the volume of ticket holder wannabes. Still, band management assures MTV News that the machine is up and running.

Kurt Loder recently sat down with Beastie Boys Mike D and Ad-Rock to find out just what went into naming the impending tour.

"Why the rhyme and why the reason?," Mike D asked. "Well we struggled to find a name. You know, I think we were much more excited with the idea of the tour than with coming up with a name for it. You know, you've got rhyme, I think we constitute rhyme. Zack does some rhyme. I'd like to think that we're all reasonable people."

"Reasonably ok," Ad-Rock said.

"Both bands," Mike D added. "We hope the audiences

are reasonable." [RealVideo]

Confirmed dates thus far for the Beastie Boys-Rage Against The Machine "Rhyme And Reason" tour (as always, all dates and venues are subject to change):

  • 8/2 - Toronto, ON @ Molson Park
  • 8/4 - Buffalo, NY @ Darien Lakes Amphitheater
  • 8/5 - Washington, DC @ RFK Stadium
  • 8/9 - East Rutherford, NJ @ Giants Stadium
  • 8/12 - Boston, MA @ Foxboro Stadium
  • 8/16 - Chicago, IL @ The World
  • 8/18 - Columbus, OH @ Polaris Amphitheatre
  • 8/19 - Detroit, MI @ Silverdome
  • 8/21 - Indianapolis, IN @ Deer Creek Amphitheater

We'll have more from that interview in an MTV News Online feature, "Beastie Boys: The Rhyme Is The Reason," premiering right here Friday night.

Meanwhile, you can pre-order tickets here now.