Bauhaus Sells-Out L.A. Shows In Record Time, Adds Third Show

"Godfathers of Goth," the Bauhaus, sold out all 7,000 seats for the band's two reunion shows at the Palladium in Hollywood scheduled for July 10 and 11 and have added a third concert, slated on July 12.

The Bauhaus, who split up fifteen years ago, recently decided to stage the reunion shows after a rehearsal between original members David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins (all three from Love And Rockets) and Peter Murphy who left the Bauhaus to pursue a solo career (see "Bauhaus Reform For L.A. Shows..."). The band sold-out the two Palladium dates faster than any band had since Jane's Addiction in 1990.

The long-term fate of Bauhaus remains uncertain, as band members have expressed an interest in possibly continuing the tour and furthering the reunion if all went well with the L.A. shows, which are being recorded for future use. A new Bauhaus double-album compilation, "Crackle," will arrives in stores on July 7.

Love And Rockets

still plan to release a new album, entitled "Lift," on October 27, and will release the techno-tronic rant, "Resurrection Hex" as the first single. Vocalist Murphy, who scored a minor solo hit in 1990 with "Cuts You Up," is also working on a new record after signing to a new label.