Bauhaus, Type O Negative, P.I.L., Others Pitch In For "Blair Witch"

What's a record label to do when a film that garners great advance buzz features absolutely no music, making a soundtrack album impossible? In the case of the upcoming "The Blair Witch Project," the folks at Chapter III Records got as creative as the filmmakers themselves in putting together what they are calling a "companion album" to the movie.

The upcoming indie horror flick assumes the guise of a documentary cobbled together from footage shot by three college students who head into the Maryland woods to explore the centuries-old legend of the Blair Witch. The students are never heard from again, but their footage is found a year after their disappearance and pieced together into "The Blair Witch Project" (or so the story goes).

The film is chock full of raw, first-person frights, but no music, so Chapter III has put together "Josh's Blair Witch Mix," which will hit stores on July 13 (the same week the film hits theaters on July 16). "Blair Witch" mythology holds that the

CD actually recreates the collection of songs found on a mix tape discovered in the car the students left abandoned near the woods.

In actuality, the album was the work of music supervisor Randy Gerston (whose work includes "Titanic" and "The Mod Squad") who pulled together tracks from Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, Type O Negative, Afghan Whigs, and others to capture the feel of the film. Lydia Lunch, Public Image Ltd., Meat Beat Manifesto, Laibach, Front Line Assembly, Tones On Tail, The Creatures, and Antonio Cora also turn up on the album, which comes courtesy of Gerston's Chapter III Records.

In addition to the music, the CD will carry dialogue from the film, an enhanced component featuring footage not seen in the movie, and a Blair Witch temporary tattoo.