L.A. Guns, Bang Tango, Lizzy Borden Coming Out For KNAC

It's shaping up to be 1988 all over again when L.A. Guns, Bang Tango, and Lizzy Borden come out to help Los Angeles-based hard rock station KNAC celebrate its first year on the Internet. Those bands, as well as a few special guests, will hit Anaheim's Boogie Co. on February 16 to say happy birthday to the station, which was reborn on the Net last year.

As we first reported in December of 1997 (see "Metal Mainstay KNAC Finds Home On The Internet"), the station was at the epicenter of the 80s metal scene in L.A., and saw its fortunes rise with music it specialized in. However, the station's format was switched to that of a Spanish language in 1995, prompting KNAC's hard rock devotees to seek a voice on the Internet (at www.knaclive.com).

A spokesperson for the station said that they hope to line up another act or two for the show.