Charli Baltimore Discusses Notorious B.I.G.'s Words Of Wisdom

Rap newcomer Charli Baltimore is making noise with "Money" [500k QuickTime], the first single off her debut album, "Ice," which is due out this summer.

Baltimore, whose real name is Tiffany Lane and who is actually from Philadelphia, got her handle from the Geena Davis character from "The Long Kiss Goodnight," and was encouraged to enter the music business by the Notorious B.I.G.

The slain rapper was Baltimore's boyfriend at the time, she talked with MTV News about how Biggie inspired her to pursue the hip hop life.

"I was rapping before I met Biggie," Baltimore said, "but it wasn't anything serious. It was just a bugging-out type of thing, and when I met him, not right when I met him, but a little into our relationship, I would play around and rhyme and he was like, 'You got skills, you should keep rhyming.'"

Baltimore's new single, "Money," is also featured in the soundtrack of the new Jada Pinkett

movie, "Woo."

If you're into movie trivia, then you may want to know that Geena Davis (who played Charli Baltimore) also starred in The Accidental Tourist, which takes place in Baltimore, in fact not far from Druid Hill park, source of the name for Baltimore's own Dru Hill. What does it all mean?