Charli Baltimore Finally Ready To De-"Ice" New Album

Charli Baltimore says she is finally ready to release her debut, "Cold As Ice," almost a year after making waves on the charts and dance floors with "Money," a song that appeared on the "Woo" soundtrack.

Originally titled "Ice," the record was supposed to be released last summer, but Baltimore requested that the material be reworked and its street date pushed back (see "Charli Baltimore Settles Creative Differences With Label Over New Album").

Baltimore, who once dated the late rapper Notorious B.I.G., also told the MTV Radio Network that she didn't want her career to ride the coattails of her former boyfriend. All of these factors affected the the timing of "Cold As Ice," which is now due out this summer.

"I think if the album had come out when we had 'Money' out," Baltimore said, "and with all that hype surrounding all the stuff with B.I.G., I don't think it would have been the right thing. It would've been hype, so

it would've sold albums, but I wasn't as concerned about that as I was about finding me a place in hip-hop. I didn't want to be known as a gimmick."

"Cold As Ice" features production from DJ Premier, Rza, John Forte, and Teddy Riley, who produced the planned new single, "Feel It." Guests on the album include Noreaga, Cam'ron, Queen Pen, Mobb Deep, Da Brat, and Gangsta Boo among others.