Erykah Badu Brings Family Affair To Lilith

Erykah Badu will help the Lilith Fair launch its second season today in Portland, Oregon, and the singer is planning to return to the studio shortly after the tour concludes to start work on her next album.

Meanwhile, Badu is still enjoying heavy rotation with "Apple Tree," a track featured on both of Badu's releases from last year, "Baduizm" and "Erykah Badu Live." The song also provided the name for the singer's first solo tour, the intimacy of which Badu hopes to bring to this year's Lilith Fair.

"I like interacting with people," Badu told the MTV Radio Network, "most of the fans who come to my show, by the time it's over, have looked into my eyes and I've looked into theirs at least once. We just all relate, but it's not one a superstar-fan relationship. It's more of a, 'Yeah, I understand what you're saying girl. Yeah, I've been through all that.' It's a family thing, and I love it."

While preparing for Lilith, Badu has also been tending to her new baby boy,

Seven, who was born last November to her and Outkast's Andre Benjamin.