Erykah Badu Starts Work On New Album, Extols Joys Of Motherhood

Erykah Badu has started work on the follow-up to her 1997 album, "Baduizm," at the singer's home studio in Dallas. Since her debut was released, Badu has split her time in between touring -- which resulted in a "Live" record, acting in a new film, "The Cider House Rules," and enjoying time with her newborn son, Seven.

Seven, whose father is Andre from the Outkast, is just over a year old. Badu is still nursing him, and as she recently told the MTV Radio Network, it's an experience she's found to be emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

"I always see mothers with children," Badu said, "and I can really feel the bond now. Just seeing isn't enough. I'm a breast-feeding mom, and it's just a really deep connection. You feel a creation of you. First I was an apartment, now I'm a restaurant. It's an experience."

Badu plans on packing up the sessions for her next album and relocating to New York in May to wrap the project in time for an end-of-summer release.

Fans who want

to hear new material from Badu before then can catch her singing Tammi Terrell's part in a duet with D'Angelo on "Your Precious Love," a track from the upcoming Marvin Gaye tribute album, "Marvin Is 60," due out June 8.