H.R. Explains The Genesis Behind Soul Brains "Reunion"

Soul Brains, the "new" group composed of the original members of Bad Brains, is currently in the last two weeks of its current tour East Coast tour, after which they plan to head into a studio to start work on a new record, the Brains' first since 1995's "God of Love."

The Soul Brains/Bad Brains reunion got its start after a West Coast tour last November went off without a hitch, prompting the band to map out additional dates on the East Coast.

Shortly before Soul Brains' New York show, MTV News Online sat down with the band that launched a thousand hardcore and reggae fusion outfits, and H.R. cryptically explained the reason behind the name change from Bad Brains to Soul Brains.

"Well, the band never really 'had' that name [Bad Brains]," H.R. said before he began referring to the group in the third person. "You could say their name has always been Soul Brains-Human Rights. These brothers were persecuted

from the very beginning [because of the name]. They never even declared themselves as musicians until just a few days ago."

"They've been struggling the whole time," he continued, "trying to help brothers and sisters out. [Prior to this tour] they came to me on bended knee and said, 'Yo, tribal Judah, we want to be with you.' That's the way it's always been, and now they've declared their name as Soul Brains." [28.8 RealVideo]

At the New York show, the band rifled through a 75 minute set in front of a tumultuously adoring crowd, and evenly divided its set between punk and reggae numbers from Bad Brains' 20-year repertoire -- with the more aggressive material, such as "Pay to Cum" and "Attitude," comprising the entire first-half of the concert.

Soul Brains had been working on new material prior to the recent shows, and reps for the band claim that they have been approached with several offers for new record deals. The Soul

Brains tour is scheduled to wind down on March 14 at the House of Blues in New Orleans.