Backstreet Brother Signs a Deal

July 29 [12:00 EDT] -- If five young, good looking Backstreet Boys aren't enough for their many fans, take heart, there's another one on the horizon.

A major record company in Germany has now signed the pubescent Aaron Carter, brother of the Backstreet blonde, Nick Carter.

Nick, 17, is the youngest Backstreet boy but he's the oldest of five Carter kids. Aaron and his twin sister Angel are nine, and they have two older sisters, 11 and 14.

Young Aaron opened a show for his brother's band in Berlin earlier this year and duly impressed the large Edel record company, which promptly signed him to a worldwide deal. Aaron will again be opening for the boys when they head back to Europe starting August 22 in Hanover, Germany. Aaron will be promoting the August 18 overseas release of his first single, a song called "Crush On You."

As we reported previously, The Backstreet Boys' debut album will finally be released in the

States August 12. It's been a top seller in other markets around the world for up to a year. The single, "Quit Playing Games," is currently climbing the U.S. charts.