Backstreet Boys Think America Is Ready For Them

August 6 [10:00 EDT] -- The Backstreet Boys have become the biggest little act in Orlando, Florida, but it didn't happen overnight.

As you may recall, only a few years ago the Boys had to go to Europe to stir up an audience for its song "We've Got It Going On."

But now the Backstreet Boys are getting some stateside action with their current single, "Quit Playing Games With My Heart," which is ranked at number three this week on the "Billboard" singles chart.

"We always wanted to make it here in America," Howie D. told MTV News. "We hoped that it was gonna take off here first, but... the timing I think is really important, and at the time we released 'We've Got It Going On' I think that grunge was still kind of in and alternative and rock was in and rap. And I don't think pop music... I don't think America was really ready for a group like us yet. And so that's why we released it over in Europe and internationally, and it just exploded

over there because I think the scene was more ready at the time there for us. But I think now, you know, it's coming back." [1.1MB QuickTime].

Ready or not, the Backstreet Boys will next take their brand of pop to the set of "Live With Regis and Kathy Lee" this Friday.