Backstreet Boys Come To America

August 14 [7:55 EDT] -- The latest example of the exploding phenomenon of cute-boy pop bands presented itself on Tuesday when the Backstreet Boys released their self-titled debut album here in the States.

The group is already a huge success throughout Europe, and the band got a warm welcome from frenzied female fans here when they made an in-store appearance in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday.

Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson told MTV News.

Other than their few years of experience, the Boys also say they have a few additional traits that make them more than just another pop creation.

"We've done a few shows with the Spice Girls, and I think we're pretty different than they are. We have a lot of R&B influence, a lot of soul and R&B influence in our music and I think that shows." [1.2MB QuickTime]

The Backstreet Boys will play 12 sold out shows in Germany later this month, and will then launch a two-week tour at

the Tupperware Center Orlando, Florida on September 21.