Backstreet Boys Pitch In For Florida Relief Effort

The Backstreet Boys will be joined by Lisa Lisa, the C&C Music Factory, Vanilla Ice (yes, that's right) and other Florida-based acts for a concert this weekend that will benefit tornado-ravaged residents of that state.

The concert, dubbed "Orlando Bands Together" will be staged in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando on Sunday with tickets going for $10. Proceeds from the show will benefit the Red Cross Relief Fund and other efforts aimed at aiding residents of central Florida who have recently seen tornadoes ravage their homes.

No Mercy, 69 Boyz, 'N Sync, Lyte Funkie Ones, Innosense, Take 5, C-Note, Trey-D and 95 South will also be on hand for the event, which will be hosted by the Backstreet Boys.

The current line-up of C&C Music Factory was not specified. One of the group's founding members, David Cole, died in 1995 of complications resulting from spinal meningitis.

Concert organizers are also hoping to offer a cybercast of the event

(at, and stage an online auction as well that will aid the relief effort.