Backstreet Boys To Team With Bee Gees, Blackstreet For Next Album?

The Backstreet Boys will launch its first full-scale U.S. tour next week, but the band is always looking forward to its next record, for which a Bee Gee has already lent an early hand and which may include a Backstreet/Blackstreet team-up.

"It's pretty incredible," Backstreet's Kevin Richardson told the MTV Radio Network, "we've already received a couple of demos from the Bee Gees. Barry Gibb actually sent a demo in with his voice on it for us. We're excited about the possibility of doing some work with him."

Aside from the Bee Gees, the Backstreet Boys has also touched base with several of hip-hop's current heavies as well as some old friends.

"The band is also going to work also with Denniz Pop and Max Martin, the guys responsible for 'As Long As You Love Me,' 'Quit Playing Games' and 'Backstreet's Back,'" Richardson said. "We're going to be doing some writing with them in a couple of months. And there's a possibility that we'll work with Diane Warren, Jermaine

Dupri and maybe Teddy Riley from Blackstreet."

The Backstreet Boys will launch their summer tour on July 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina.