Backstreet Boys Talk New Single As Tour Rolls On

The last time the Backstreet Boys toured America, they were playing Wal-Mart parking lots. But what a difference a year can make in the life of a pop phenomenon, as the 1998 tour has the multi-platinum group playing to sold-out arenas across the country.

The Backstreet Boys have wrapped up about half of the dates of its two-month long itinerary, and have just released a new video and single, "I'll Never Break Your Heart," that the band hoped to give an extra push to with its road outing.

"It's a different side of us," said the Backstreet Boys' A.J., "because you've seen 'Quit Playin' Games With My Heart,' that was a mid-tempo song, 'As Long as You Love Me' was also a mid-tempo and then 'You Got it Goin On' was an up-tempo ditty. 'Backstreet's Back' was also an up-tempo [number], but this song is just a totally different side of the Backstreet Boys." [1MB QuickTime]

The Backstreet Boys U.S. tour is set to play the

MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on Friday night.