Backstreet Boys Back Down To Floyd

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, attending a concert is not likely to be on your list of priorities at the moment. With Hurricane Floyd and its 155 mile per hour winds quickly approaching Florida, area schools are closing, shelters are opening, and residents are being advised to evacuate the area; the last thing parents need to worry about is getting their children to the Backstreet Boys' area concerts this week.

Appropriately, the teen-pop supergroup has decided to postpone the start of their tour, originally set for September 14 and 15 at the National Car Rental Arena in Fort Lauderdale.

The tour will now kick off September 17 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Charlotte Coliseum. Fort Lauderdale area fans should take note that the BSB shows in their area will be rescheduled for December 5 and 6, with tickets for the September 14 and 15 dates being honored at the newly rescheduled shows.