Backstreet Boys, Kid Rock Pay Homage In Grammy Medleys

The Backstreet Boys began the second hour of the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards by paying a cappella homage to such Motown vocal groups as The Temptations and Boyz II Men during their intro to "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely."

After singing snippets of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" and "I'll Make Love To You" on a barren stage, the Backstreet Boys made their way to a cluster of stools, where they sat down and crooned through the rest of "Show Me," displaying the kind of cool charisma that has earned them a place in the hearts of teenage girls (and women) across the world.

But Rock quickly kicked things into high gear by bringing out his Crazy Brown Trucker Band for a riff-heavy reading of "Bawitadaba" as Joe C. stalked across the stage and led the audience through the chant-like chorus.

Kid Rock closed out the second hour of the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards with another history lesson (of sorts), capping off the medley with a drive-thru of Grand Funk Railroad's

"We're An American Band," a song which hit number one on the singles chart some 27 years ago.

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