Howie D. Chats About Candid BSB Photo Book

On July 1, the Backstreet Boys are set to head into a studio in Sweden to begin work on the group's new album, the follow-up to the boy band's "Millennium," which has sold more than 11 million copies in the U.S. alone.

The new BSB record is tentatively due out in mid-September, and to keep fans occupied until it's finished, the group will release "The Official Backstreet Boys Photo Book" on July 5.

The picture book chronicles the last six years in the Backstreet Boys' lives and includes, among other candid shots, photos of A.J. McLean taking a bubble bath. However, Howie Dorough told MTV News that there were still some things that were off-limits to the group's official photographer, Andre Csillag.

"When I go to the bathroom, I have to tell him that he can't come into the stall with me," Dorough joked. "He can't take pictures [there], 'cause this is a PG program. [Laughs] But

he's really cool, though.

"Andre, to us, he's been like a fly on the wall for the past six years. He never tries to get in our way. The poor guy, sometimes he has to every once in a while ask us, 'Okay, guys. We really need a group shot here.'

"It's hard to get all five of our attentions together when we're all off in La-La Land," he added, "and playing around and goofing around. But he does a very good job of capturing, as I said in the book, the last six years of our lives." [RealVideo]

Last weekend, Howie D. and Backstreet bandmate A.J. McLean helped raise money for the Lupus Foundation at a special benefit show at Universal Studios in Orlando (see "Backstreet's Howie Raises $100,000 For Charity").