Babyface To Head Into Studio With Toni Braxton For New Album

After almost a year of legal wrangling and maneuvering, singer Toni Braxton and LaFace Records have finally settled their contractual dispute, and Braxton is now about to start working on a new album for the label, which would be her first since 1996's "Secrets."

Last spring, Braxton brought a lawsuit against LaFace Records in an attempt to get out of her record deal, a matter that was further complicated when Braxton subsequently filed for bankruptcy a few months later.

MTV News caught up with Babyface, the co-president of LaFace Records, on the set of the new movie he and his wife Tracy are producing, and he asserted that there was no more bad blood between Braxton and the record label.

"We're getting ready head back in the studio with Toni," Babyface said, "and we've got everything worked out with Tony, and we're really excited about getting back into the studio, getting back to the music.

She's in good spirits. She's been doing 'Beauty and the Beast' [on Broadway] in New York, so she's been singing every night. Her voice is in great condition, so it should be fun to get in there, work with her again and get it going." [28.8 RealVideo]

Braxton is expected to wrap-up her stint as Belle in Disney's Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" this month, and neither her representatives nor LaFace Records would comment on the specific details of Braxton's settlement.