Babyface Gets "Greatest Hits," Inks New Deal With Arista

Producer and singer-songwriter Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, whose songs for himself and other artists have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, will get the "best of" treatment next month for his solo work.

"Babyface: A Collection Of His Greatest Hits," is due out on November 14, and in addition to 12 previously-released songs, the LP will also include a pair of new songs. The first single, "Reason For Breathing," was co-written with R&B singer Joe, while Babyface penned and produced the other new cut, "When Men Grow Old."

Other songs slated for the Babyface "best of" include "When Can I See You," "This Is For The Lover In You," featuring L.L. Cool J and Jody Watley, and "Change The World," Edmonds' duet with Eric Clapton from the 1997 "MTV Unplugged" album.

Epic Records will follow-up the release of the "Greatest Hits" album with a DVD anthology containing 13 of Edmonds' music clips, titled "Babyface: A Collection Of Videos," and scheduled to

arrive in stores on December 5.

In related news, Babyface has just inked a new deal with Arista Records, which suggests that the compilation might help fulfill some lingering contractual obligations for Babyface to Epic Records.

The label move will bring together Babyface with his longtime friend and collaborator Antonio "L.A." Reid, the current President and CEO of Arista and with whom Babyface co-founded LaFace Records in 1989.

"The freedom to pursue my musical interests, in whatever directions they may take me, has always been and continues to be extremely important to me," Babyface said in a statement. "L.A. is both an intuitive businessman and a rare executive who understands how to nurture a comfortable and productive environment for the artists he works with, and I have always treasured his sensitivity."