Az Yet Find A Hit By Way Of Chicago

May 6 [14:00 EST] -- This week, the R&B quintet Az Yet makes a return visit to the "Billboard" Top Ten Singles Chart with a remake of Chicago's "Hard To Say I'm Sorry."

Since its beginning in 1989, the Philadelphia group landed in the top ten once before with the million selling single "Last Night."

Now, the group's return to chart success sees the group covering some unlikely ground in taking on the 1982 Chicago hit, and paring with Chicago singer Peter Cetera for the remake. So when MTV News spoke with Az Yet recently, the first question that popped up was, "Why Chicago?"

"The idea just came from thinking of a song that was long overdue," Shawn Rivera told MTV News.

"Az Yet is really about bringing together different styles of music. So us, not wanting to be a 'typical' R&B group, we cover songs that's known by a lot of people, that don't just listen to R&B. We put our Az Yet a cappella style,

and it was a great thing being able to co-produce with Babyface." [1.2MB QuickTime]

Trivia buffs may recall that "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" was originally on the movie soundtrack for "Summer Lovers," which starred Daryl Hannah and Peter Gallagher.