Az Yet Discusses The Marriage of Light Rock and R&B

KURT: Some pretty curious behavior has also been cropping up on the hip-hop scene recently, where young R&B smoothies have been joining forces with aging popsters of the ultra-white persuasion in the search for new mass market hits. Most recently, the vocal group "Az Yet" defrosted balladeer Peter Cetera for a top 10 reprise of his old Chicago hit, "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" -- and they're not the only ones.

SHAWN "PUNCHY" RIVERA, Az Yet: It was an idea that came from thinking about a good song that was long overdue and Az Yet is about bringing together different styles of music. So, us not wanting to be a typical R&B group, we covered a song that is known by a lot of people that don't just listen to R&B.

MTV: The marriage of light rock and R&B, and even rap, has gone beyond just doing a simple cover. The original singers of these hits are being resurrected to consummate the union. Rapper B-Legit has dusted off the old Hall and Oates classic

"Sara Smile" and singer Darryl Hall for his interpretation. In Az Yet's case, one-time Chicago vocalist Peter Cetera added his vocals to a re-mixed version of "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" at the request of the man who co-wrote and produced the song back in 1982.

MARC "MARBLES" NELSON, Az Yet: David Foster approached us. He said, "Man, I love that. What do you guys think about me re-mixing it?" And we thought about it for like a millisecond before we screamed "Yes!"

KURT: Suggested follow-up from the Chicago catalogue, "Does anybody really know what time it is?"