Dallas Austin Says Poetic New TLC Single May Lead To Book

After coming back in a big way with "No Scrubs," the ladies of TLC are delivering a new single, and perhaps a book of poetry as well.

"Unpretty," the second single from the group's "Fanmail" album, is the latest product of the ongoing union between TLC and producer Dallas Austin, who recently told the MTV Radio Network that the track has literary origins which may see the group branch out into publishing.

"It's actually a poem that T-Boz had," Austin explained, "and I loved the title so much that I came up with a song to kind of match it. The poem's still a different version, so go buy the book too. She has a book that's coming out called 'Thoughts'." [RealAudio]

Austin, who has worked with TLC since the start of their careers, produced nine tracks in all for "Fanmail," which has been firmly lodged in the "Billboard" top ten since its release and is approaching sales of 3 million.

There's no word on when, or if, the T-Boz book will hit stores, but we'll keep you posted.