At The Drive-In Take Command

With their new album, Relationship of Command, dominating college radio, El Paso, Texas, punk rockers At the Drive-In have seized "complete control" of where they're taking themselves on their musical road map.

Following an ear-shattering, buzz-generating performance at last week's CMJ MusicFest in New York, At the Drive-In have returned to the road to support Command and the first single from the LP, "One Armed Scissor," which is beginning to cross over onto mainstream alternative and hard-rock radio.

Frontman Cedric Bixler recently explained that "One Armed Scissor" is actually a thinly veiled account of the band's reaction to the isolation and detachment the members felt during their fledgling tours in 1995 and '96.

"I think 'One Armed Scissor' basically reflects on us," Bixler said. "It deals with a fictional character that represents all of us, and

he's dealing with things like culture clash, just being in a new place, being alone for long periods of time, and just being cut off from everything.

But with Rage in their current state of flux following the departure of singer Zack de la Rocha (see "Zack Leaves Rage Against The Machine"), At the Drive-In guitarist Jim Ward said his band had taken mental note of some of the business pressures and outside forces that prompted the split.

"I think sometimes people take this industry a little too seriously," he said. "They put a little too much stock into how many records you're selling and how much money you're making. Like, we have a deal in our band that the day one of us is tired of doing this, that's it. If it's in the middle of this interview or in the middle of a tour, that's it. We're done."[RealVideo]


the Drive-In are scheduled to play Saturday in New York and Sunday in Providence, R.I.