Atari Teenage Riot Hits The Net

April 24 [16:00 EST] -- The German digital hardcore trio Atari Teenage Riot will no doubt spout the philosophies behind the title of its recent album, "Burn Berlin Burn," during an Internet chat this Friday.

The trio will be appearing on SonicNet starting at 7 p.m. Eastern time.

The members of Atari Teenage Riot first came together in 1992, sharing a common disgust for the racism that was taking over rave and techno culture in their homeland, a point that the group clearly illustrated with its first single, "Hunt Down The Nazis."

Five years later, the band is just as politically motivated, which will more than likely be apparent during the SonicNet chat.

Alec Empire will be mixing his digital hardcore sound at a happening this Friday at the Chelsea Arts Building in New York.