The Verve Make Music, Not Cheese Burgers

The Verve's breakthrough hit, "Bittersweet Symphony," is currently the soundtrack to a sneaker commercial and is getting a ream of attention all over again as a result.

And judging by the response "The Drugs Don't Work" got in concert on their tour last fall, the track, also on last year's "Urban Hymns," could be the sleeper hit of 1998.

According to frontman Richard Ashcroft, "The Drugs Don't Work" isn't really about drugs at all.

"'The Drugs Don't Work'" was written as a love song," Ashcroft told MTV News. "But as far as interpretation goes, I think, yeah, I have to deal with things in my life, but I don't think the listener nor the fan needs to know anything more than the song because we always abuse our listeners' imagination and the viewers' imagination by giving them too much, and telling them too much, you know?"

"We're making music, we're not making cheese burgers. So I am not about to give it on a plate what exactly it's about. I think that's important."