"Scream 2" Screams Music: D'Angelo and David Arquette

December 12 [14:30 EDT] -- What would the holidays be without a pop culture bonanza slasher flick like "Scream 2?"

A movie such as this would not be complete without a jam-packed soundtrack. "Scream 2's" soundtrack includes tracks from Master P, Sugar Ray, The Foo Fighters, Everclear, Nick Cave, The Dave Matthews Band, and D'Angelo, whose song for the film is a cover of "She's Always In My Hair," the B-side from Prince's "Raspberry Beret."

D'Angelo recently told MTV News why he picked that song. "I wanted to do a b-side simply because I didn't want to do an obvious cover or something that was a hit. That's the big reason why I chose it. I love the song, I've always loved the song. It matches, aside from the movie and everything, it really has some personal things in it. It hits home with me. I have personal emotions when I sing this song." [1MB QuickTime]

D'Angelo's second album, the follow up to his 1995 debut, "Brown

Sugar," is due out next spring.

In "Scream 2," the actors get into the soundtrack act as well. David Arquette is also on the "Scream 2" CD with his band, Ear 2000. He spoke to MTV News last June about his musical leanings.

"Poetry and writing lyrics is pretty much what I do," the actor told us. "I sorta' sing, I don't really sing, but I scream all right. But my friends play really great music. We just sorta' put all these songs together, and we've been rehearsing for about seven months."

On life with the band, Arquette said, "it's pretty much like my love right now with my girlfriend, because they save me from a lot. Like going out and partying too much and getting stupid. Yunno', when you go and you just do music 'til the sun rises, coming home is not that bad a feeling if you [had] stayed up all night drinking, yunno'?" [1.3MB QuickTime]

"Scream 2" is out in theaters Friday.