Aqua Triumphant In "Barbie Girl" Lawsuit, To Release Home Video In June

The protracted, nine-month legal battle between toy-maker Mattel and MCA Records over the Aqua song, "Barbie Girl" [1.5MB QuickTime], appears to have reached an end.

According to Reuters, a federal judge awarded MCA summary judgment last week in a ruling that effectively dismissed Mattel's suit.

The toy company had claimed that the song, which was released last year as a single by the Danish group, infringed on its copyright and that it associated "sexual and other unsavory themes with Mattel's Barbie products."

In the wake of the ruling, MCA said it could finally proceed with various projects that had been delayed by the court's decision, including the June release of an Aqua home video which features the "Barbie Girl" video in addition to concert footage.