Fiona Apple: Don't Lump Lilith Artists Together

August 7 [10:00 EDT] -- O.K., so all the artists at the front of the Lilith Fair stage are female... that's where the similarity ends according to Fiona Apple.

The chanteuse says that she enjoys the way the Lilith tour bucks against fans' expectations of female rock artists and of her own performance.

"We shouldn't be lumped together like, 'Oh, The Sensitive Rockers,'" Apple told MTV News.

"We get up there and we all sing about different things. Rocking is not about being a woman it's about being an individual. That's what your art is about. It's about interpreting the way that you see the world through your own individual view, and I'm happy to get up there and not be what everyone expects me to be. I'm happy to get up there and not be sitting and pulling this tragedy crap all the time because I think that's basically what I'm seen as." [1MB QuickTime]

The Lilith tour will continue to toy with expectations when

it pulls into Cincinnati on Thursday and adds two new performers, Shawn Colvin and Sheryl Crow, on August 12 in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.