Green Day Wrecks, Beck Rocks, And Navarro Gets Bloody At KROQ Show

December 8 [17:00 EDT] -- This weekend's KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas shows in Los Angeles were short on holiday cheer, unless you count No Doubt drummer Adrian Young's reported striptease during the group's performance of "Oi! To The World."

Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, in heavy eye make up and a marabou feather-trimmed crop top, was booed for playing a set of new material in the midst of a radio-hit heavy line-up.

Green Day got into the holiday spirit by throwing a Christmas tree off the stage and into the audience, spray painting the show's backdrop, and swearing throughout the show, which was broadcast on KROQ. Singer Billie Joe also dropped his pants and reportedly went on to diss what was described as a rambling, unfocused performance by Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell.

However, the two-day show, which kicked off the holiday radio-show season, was not all about such Grinch-like behavior. Beck, one of the last minute

replacements for late dropouts Jamiroquai and the Verve, tore the joint up with his 35-minute set according to all accounts.

Meanwhile backstage, Jane's guitarist Dave Navarro, who had already cited Fiona Apple as the main reason his band was playing the KROQ show (see "Dave Navarro Says Apple Lured Jane's To KROQ Show" in the MTV News Online Gallery), found a unique way to send his very best. Navarro allegedly left a message for Apple in her dressing room, scrawled in his own blood, which read, "Have fun." The guitarist is also said to have left a more traditional offering for the chanteuse in the form of some poinsettias.

With a one-two punch like that, who needs mistletoe.