Foxy Brown Taps Fiona Apple For New Album

After contacting Janet Jackson about appearing on a remake of "What Have You Done For Me Lately," rapper Foxy Brown has already lined up another guest for her upcoming new record -- Fiona Apple.

Brown, who was on hand for the festivities surrounding last week's Video Music Awards, talked with MTV about what drew her to the wispish, alternative pianist.

"I'm a rap artist," Brown explained to the MTV Radio Network, "but I listen to mainstream music. I listen to rock & roll, pop, R & B, and I kind of liked what Fiona represented as being a young, rebellious type of singer [whose style] was all about her. I [asked] her, and she said she was really honored to do the song, so it should be really hot."

Brown, who counts herself as a fan of such musicians as Nine Inch Nails, the Rolling Stones and Nirvana, has also said she has asked Madonna about possibly contributing to her next album, which is due out in November.