Fiona Apple Cuts Show Short, Heads To "Letterman"

Sound system shortcomings seemed to get the better of Fiona Apple Tuesday night when the singer cut her New York performance a bit short, citing sound issues.

Apple played for close to an hour at New York's Roseland Ballroom, churning out eight songs including "Criminal" and "Limp" before throwing in the towel on her set. The singer complained of technical glitches throughout her performance and finally walked off stage after approximately 50 minutes, telling the audience she needed "a five-minute break."

However, after 25 minutes an announcement was made that the show would not, in fact, go on, and that Apple would soon return to New York for another "kick ass" show.

A spokesperson for Apple's record label, Sony Music, said that the singer was having trouble hearing herself onstage throughout the set and chose to pull the plug on the show rather than give fans a sub-par performance.

Fans who didn't get enough of Apple at Tuesday night's truncated performance

(or those who can never get enough of Fiona) may want to tune in to "The Late Show With David Letterman" on Wednesday night when the singer is booked as Letterman's musical guest. Apple is scheduled to serenade the recently returned host with a rendition of her new single, "Limp."