Aphex Twin Takes Creativity To The Bank

November 5 [10:00 EDT] -- Aphex Twin, a.k.a. Richard D. James, is one of the stranger birds flying through techno's skies these days, as evidenced in his latest video, the ultra-creepy clip for "Come To Daddy." [900k QuickTime]

The video, in which an army of children terrorize a town while all wearing James' face, leapt from the imagination of James and director Chris Cunningham, and won the approval of MTV's "12 Angry Viewers" last week.

James' unorthodox approach to his craft doesn't end there; the techno veteran owns and drives a tank, and lives and works in an abandoned bank in London.

But to hear James explain it, living in a bank makes perfect sense.

"Well, I mean we stopped playing live and doing interviews and other industry-related stuff and just locked ourselves away for a few months," James told MTV News. "I just bought like a massive bank in London, and basically

I don't get bothered there at all. It's ideal. I lock myself in a vault so no one would bother me... [500k QuickTime] not getting any hassles or noise or anything or neighbors nagging me, trying to get me evicted or anything."

The fruits of Aphex Twin's time in the bank can be heard on his new EP, "Come To Daddy."