Anthrax Guitarist Busted By Love For Yankees

August 18 [14:00 EDT] -- Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian Rosenfeld (known to fans simply as Scott Ian) was arrested early Friday morning in Tampa, Florida for attempting to steal an on-deck circle carrying the New York Yankees' logo from the team's spring training camp.

Rosenfeld, 34, and a friend, 23-year-old Angela Roberts, were charged with burglary and grand theft. They were released on $7,500 bail each after spending six hours in jail.

Rosenfeld and Roberts jumped the fence at Legends Field at about 4:30 a.m. Friday and were caught on ballpark security cameras as they attempted to drag the heavy foam mat where players await their turn at bat to their car.

The pair also tried to take a folding, cushioned chair emblazoned with the Yankees¹ logo. A repentant Rosenfeld told MTV News that his sprint around the bases and subsequent attempt to collect a few souvenirs were caused by, "24 years of being a Yankees fan, plus a bottle and a half too much of red wine."

Rosenfeld added that he was sorry for what he did, but added that he had a good time while he was doing it. He¹s hoping the charges will be dropped.

On the musical tip, Anthrax began pre-production on Monday for its next album, which it will begin recording in New York on August 27. The band hopes the release, its first for Ignition Records, will be out in the spring of 1998.