Tiffany Anders Finds CMJ By Way Of Courtney, Flea, And Dinosaur Jr.

While this year's CMJ Music Marathon was thick with up-and-coming artists hoping to find a bit of exposure, few were sporting a resume as impressive as that of Tiffany Anders, who can claim to have worked with Courtney Love and Flea among others.

O.K., perhaps "worked with" is too bold a phrase. While working on her music career, Anders (the daughter of "Gas, Food, Lodging" director Allison Anders) has also worked as a nanny, looking after the offspring of folks like Courtney Love, Flea, and filmmaker Ethan Coen.

As she recently told us, dealing with the children of the rich and famous is no big deal, but dealing with their trophies is another matter.

"I get impressed with almost sort of shallow s**t, like I walk into the house and I see like gold records and I'm like, 'Whooooooa, oh my god,'" Anders said. "Like, it totally kind of intimidates me. That's overwhelming, you know, to

me. I get totally psyched. Like, I saw the Oscar at like Ethan Coen's house, and I'm like 'Oh my god.'" [28.8 RealVideo]

Back on the music track, Anders does carry the distinction of working very closely with the gentlemen of Dinosaur Jr. Anders went from being a fan of the group to eventually singing on the band's 1997 album "Hand It Over," and has also worked with Dino Jr.'s Mike Johnson on a number of other projects.

"He's like, in really really odd ways, he's really really helped me a lot," Anders said of Dinosaur Jr. centerpiece J Mascis. "He seems to want to help me and he's really done a lot for me, and (Dino Jr.'s) Mike Johnson's the same. I've collaborated with Mike Johnson and J Mascis and I definitely want to keep making music together, and so yeah, those guys have been so great."

So far that input has helped Anders release a single on Up Records, which also releases material from Johnson.