Tori And Her "Boys"

Jan. 12, 1996 -- Interstellar singer and keyboard ace Tori Amos' new album, "Boys For Pele," stirs puzzlement even with its title. That's only the beginning.

TORI AMOS: Pele is the volcano goddess in Hawaii. I was kind of in a place where I needed to find my own fire, because in truth I had been stealing a bit of fire from some of the men in my life. Wonderful things happen when your life falls apart... your personal life... when soul mates come and go. At the time, you know, I wanted to roast these boys over the fire. Now I see it quite differently, in the sense that it's given me freedom. I don't prowl... I don't prowl the night looking for boy blood like I was doing for a while.

MTV: Vampiress and musician Tori Amos' new album finds the ethereal cornflake girl reflecting on the relationships she has had with the men in her life, including the professional and personal break up with her former producer, Eric Rosse. Amos is producing herself these days and recorded "Boys

For Pele" in Louisiana and in a church in County Wicklow, Ireland -- a church that wasn't closed for business.

AMOS: We had to depart when there were funerals. There would be funerals, and we would have to move the harpsichord and break down, because it was continuously going. I didn't want to be in a church that was dead. It was important to have that current running, especially if I was going to go claim my passion and claim it in a church on record."

MTV: Amos -- who is the daughter of a Methodist preacher and is well known for not exactly seeing eye to eye with any conventional church doctrine -- nevertheless felt right about recording in a house of worship.

AMOS: There's something that happens to me when I walk in a church. I feel extremely comfortable. It's important when I'm calling the songs forth, when they start to come...sometimes the girls just won't come. They're not ready to come, and this setting seemed to be a place of, I don't know, resurrecting