Tori Amos Talks About RAINN

December 4 [14:00 EDT] -- Red-tressed singer Tori Amos is busy these days. She is recording her fourth album in London with her first full band and she also has a song on the soundtrack for the upcoming film "Great Expectations," a contemporary telling of the Charles Dickens classic.

Amos' other pursuits of late include RAINN, The Rape and Incest National Network, which the singer formed in 1994. RAINN is a toll free hotline for victims of sexual abuse.

Amos explained to MTV News how RAINN came to be.

"There was a girl who was backstage who said, 'you have to take me with you,'" the singer told recently told us in London. "This was a couple of years ago in 1994. She said hysterically, 'I'll do anything, just take me with you, somebody in my family raped me last night, they'll rape me tomorrow, and they'll rape me tonight when I get home.'

"She was 14 years old. I was told by my manager that I could not take her with me, because I was crossing a state line,

and I would be arrested for kidnapping. So instead this girl went home and got raped... again. And I had to sit down with those that I respect and say 'What can we do that will really make a difference?' And we decided the phone was really the best way for somebody to reach out. And a lot of times, the perpetrator is in the home or somebody that they know. How can they do that in secrecy? And this was the best way."

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