Atlantic Records Fights To Keep New Tori Amos Song Under Wraps

Atlantic Records is reportedly in the process of filing cease and desist orders against web masters who have illegally posted soundclips of a new Tori Amos song on the web.

The song, "Spark," comes from Amos' new record, "from the choirgirl hotel," which isn't due out until May 5. But two radio stations apparently played the song last Friday, dubs of which were posted soon after on several Amos fan sites.

The incident is reminiscent of what has happened in recent months with new songs from Pearl Jam and Oasis, as soundclips from both Pearl Jam's "Yield" and Oasis' "Be Here Now" appeared on the web prior to both albums actual release.

Further complicating the situation is news that an Amos song will be part of a new deal signed between Atlantic, Tower Records and AT&T.

According to Billboard Online, an unnamed new track from Amos' new album will be available to download April 7 from AT&T's a2b music website. But computer users will have to purchase

full-length albums from Tower's stores or its website in order to receive the password needed to access the song.

Representatives for Tori Amos were unavailable for comment.