Tori Amos: "Records Are Like Children"

Returning to record stores this week is Tori Amos, who has just released "To Venus And Back," a double album containing one disc of brand new studio material, and another of live recordings from her 1998 tour.

Amos, whose latest release, "To Venus And Back," hit record stores this week, recently spoke with MTV's John Norris about the album. When asked to compare the album to her past efforts, she was rather indecisive.

"I gotta tell you, I never compare the records; that's like comparing your children. I can't, I couldn't do that."

She pointed out that "All of them are very distinctive. I think really how I saw this record is that it's not about one thing, it's about things that hide behind the heart. And I started to see this camera on Venus follow this girl around, around her heart. And it could see things that she couldn't see." [RealVideo]

"To Venus And Back"

is a double album, with one disc of new studio material and another of live recordings from her 1998 tour, which was her first outing with a backing band (see "Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos Announce Dates For Joint Tour; Amos Preps New Double Album").

Amos, who usually tours solo, accompanied only by her piano, and, on occasion, an acoustic guitarist, is winding up her current band-backed tour which sees her co-headlining with Alanis Morissette. Here's where you can catch them:

  • 9/22 - Phoenix, AZ @ America West Arena
  • 9/24 - Las Vegas, NV @ Mandalay Bay
  • 9/25 - Los Angeles, CA @ Irvine Amphitheater
  • 9/26 - Los Angeles, CA @ Irvine Amphitheater