Allure Learns At The Feet Of Mariah

October 14 [12:00 EDT] -- Allure, the all-female quartet, are currently benefiting from the advice of their label head, Mariah Carey, as the group holds the number seven single in the country with "All Cried Out."

"She's very down to earth," Allure's Akissa Mendez recently told MTV News of the group's business affiliation with Carey. "She's very professional. You can't say bossy, but when it's time to work, it's time to work. She always gave us our little moments to joke around and stuff, she made us feel at home in the studio, no pressure, so she's too much." [400k QuickTime]

"She also helped me a lot vocally because out of the group, I'm the one with the loud belting sound," the group's Lalisha McLean explained. "She helped me to pull back and have a breathier or airier sound when I need it. So I have a little bit more versatility."

The group was the first signing to Carey's Crave Records label, and Allure1s debut

album is in stores now.