The Verve, All Saints Hit The Brits, Chumbawamba All Wet

Two years ago, as you may recall, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker took it upon himself to protest Michael Jackson's performance by rushing the stage and mooning The Moonwalker.

Last night's award ceremony was not without incident, either.

Things heated up, or literally cooled off, during Fleetwood Mac's performance, when Chumbawamba member Danbert Nobacon jumped on the table where Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and his wife were seated, and dumped a bucket of ice water on their heads. Prescott called the incident "deplorable and a publicity stunt."

Before the bucket fracas, the aging anarchists (Nobacon is 35) changed the lyrics of "Tubthumping" during their live performance to anti-New Labour party sentiments. Writer and comedian Ben Elton, called the band "a bunch of tatty old troublemakers."

Nobacon, who's real first name is Nigel, was taken into custody by Scotland Yard. Deputy Prime Minister Prescott chose not to press charges at this time, though.

In addition to that unforeseen excitement, there were approximately 200 "left-wing protesters" outside of the theater, present to object to Polygram, who they consider to be paying their employees too little per hour. The BBC reports that some stars were "jostled" on their way into the show, including Jon Bon Jovi.

Here is a list of the winners:

  • Best British male solo artist: Finley Quaye
  • Best British female solo artist: Shola Ama
  • Best British dance act: The Prodigy
  • Best British newcomer: Stereophonics
  • Best British album: The Verve's "Urban Hymns"
  • Best British single: All Saints' "Never Ever"
  • Best British video: All Saints' "Never Ever"
  • Best British producer: Youth, The Verve & Chris Potter, "Urban Hymns"
  • Best International group: U2
  • Best International male solo artist: Jon Bon Jovi
  • Best International female solo artist: Björk
  • Best International newcomer: Eels
  • Best Soundtrack: "The Full Monty"
  • Outstanding

    contribution to British music industry: Fleetwood Mac

  • Special award for overseas success: The Spice Girls
  • Freddie Mercury Award for extraordinary charity work: Sir Elton John