Cantrell Talks About Alice In Chains Future As He Readies Solo Effort

Just as Pearl Jam returned to record stores this week with "Yield," another member of the Seattle scene, Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, visited MTV to talk about his upcoming solo project and the future of AIC.

Cantrell has a solo album, "Boggy Depot," coming out in April, which will mark the guitarist and songwriter's first project since Alice In Chains taped an "MTV Unplugged" two years ago. In that time, reports have surfaced about singer Lane Staley's drug abuse, and the band's possible demise.

When asked about the future of Alice, Cantrell told MTV News, "Well, there's really nothing's up with Alice in Chains. We've been together for 11 years now, and we've done a lot of great music together and accomplished a lot of things and that's very special to me. We're a part of a group of fans that really put their stamp on the map, actually, on the world for that matter, and far surpassed where we probably initially thought we'd get to. So that's cool. That's

in the books, and that's something we did and something to be proud of. But there also comes a point in the life of any band, I think, that it's time to change, and time to try new things" [700k QuickTime]

Cantrell's "Boggy Depot" album will feature Les Claypool of Primus, along with the Alice In Chains rhythm section of Mike Inez and Sean Kinney.